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California DMV Lic-E3473 since 1997.
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January Special on Driver Training Course!

free pick up
Free Pick Up and Drop Off
You do not need to come to us for your driving lesson. Instead, our instructors go to your place giving you a driving lesson on the appointment date for your convenience.

private lesson
Private Lesson
We do not let our students pick up or drop off another students on the student's lesson time, nor share the lesson time with other students. The training consists of 2 hours lesson/day.
scheduling online
24/7 Online Scheduling
In order to minimize human errors on a student record, the student creates own record from our online registration and manages the record 24/7 from our student's website

No hidden Cost
No hidden Cost
No vehicle usage fee, no gasoline fee, no hazard insurance fee, no pick up and drop off fees. All the cost is inclusive in the tuition. Just simple and traditional way!!!

experience Instructor
Experienced Instructors
Our instructors are back ground checked (DOJ) and licensed by DMV. They have at least 5 years experience in teaching driver training course.

Select hours to take Driver Training
DMV requires minimum 6hours Driver Training Course

Adults/Teens Course

6 hours Driver Training
Weekdays Budget Course
2hours lesson/day 3days Session
Minimum 7days gap between the appointments.

Reg: $330.00   Discount: $90.00

NOW: $240.00

Adults/Teens Course

6 hours Driver Training
Weekends Economy Course
2hours lesson/day 3days Session
Make appointments on Saturdays and Sundays (Saturdays or Sundays)

Reg: $330.00   Discount: $72.00

NOW: $258.00

Adults/Teens Course

6 hours Driver Training
Standard Course
2hours lesson/day 3days Session
Make appointments on our available dates without any restriction.

Reg: $360.00   Discount: $93.00

NOW: $267.00

Teens (Age under 18)

6 hours Driver Training
Online Driver Ed Combo
Online Driver Ed+ Standard course
Online Driver Ed to obtain DMV Permit and get Driver Training

Reg: $375.00   Discount: $108.00

NOW: $267.00

Adults/Teens Course

6 hours Driver Training
DMV Driving Test Combo
2hours lesson/day 3days Session
+DMV driving test
Making appointments without any Restricted days

Reg: $470.00   Discount: $75.00

NOW: $375.00

New Year Special Sale!
6hours WeekDays Budget
Driver Training Course

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Reg Price: $330   Discount: $90
Online Price: $240

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Ateam driving school moto
New Year Special!
10hours Driver Training
Plus DMV Test Course
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Tuition: $710   Online Discount: $180
Online Payment: $530

No restricted days for driving appointments
This offer is valid only for online registration otherwise void!

What A-team driving school has to offer for driver training courses:

1. A-team driving school instructors: Our driving school instructors are licensed by DMV; their background has been checked and screened by the Department of Justice. They are trained to be patient. If a student is not satisfied with the driving instructions provided by an instructor, we may change and switch out the instructors. Driving instructors are employees to our driving school. We have right to cancel service at any time and any reason due to unforseen events.

2. A-team driving school training vehicle: The vehicles are equipped with dual brake and dual gas pedal to further assist our students in both experience and safety. Vehicles are not equipped with dual steering wheel so students can have more time to experience control over the vehicle and to accelerate students driving skill. Students are covered by liability insurance against other motorist on public highways while driving the training vehicle.

3. Driving Lesson: It is a completely individualized private lesson that is dependant on the level of the driving skills. There are no share time with other students. Our driver training lesson appointments are not made back-to-back so that the next student will not need to be picked up during the driving lesson; therefore, it is imperative to cancel 24 hours ahead. Ateam Driving School charges a penalty fee for same day cancellation. Please call us at least 24 hours ahead (Before 3:30pm) or cancel online 24 hours ahead (before 3:30PM) to avoid penalty.

4. Six hours driver's training completion certificate: For students under the age of 18 years old who have completed the 6 hours driver's traing course will be issued a certificate of completetion of 6 hours behind-the- wheel training by the instructor. This certificate must be presented to the DMV when the student attempts to take the DMV driving exam. Please do not lose the certificate ( There will be $35 for administration fee for reissuance of the certificate).

5. Refund policy:There will be no refunds after 6 months. Courses expire within 1 year. Before the 6 months, we will refund the amount of hours the student did not take.

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